Best Can Opener: Best Picks

In terms of can openers there isn’t any real universal standards. Similar to much of the devices in the kitchen, it has been improved upon over the years and a few variations have been designed. While you can buy a cheap can opener for a couple of bucks you will find the quality of these bargain bin models quite flimsy and their durability non-existent. If you happen to be searching for a brand new can opener then I’ve got a number of recommendations chosen by average consumer reviews, quality, and durability. There are numerous models from which to choose so finding the one which best matches your preferences shouldn’t be too difficult. A number of preferred can openers from which to choose include the following electric models or if you prefer an old fashion manual can opener:

Our Best Can Opener Picks

Hamilton Beach 76606 Electric Can Opener: Review
Editor Rating
Hamilton Beach Can OpenerThis elegant electric can opener opens up just about all can types big or small, which includes those pesky pop-tops cans using the side cutting motion of which elevates the can top off leaving an even, clean edge. It features a large ergonomic designed handle that is simple to use. Features a style in black & Chrome to match just about any kitchen area décor. Read Review


West Bend Electric Can Opener: Review
Editor Rating
West Bend Can Opener reviewElectric powered can opener. With a Slim, tall design to accommodate extra tall cans (though still limited). Comes with a bottle opener as well as knife sharpener. The easily-removed chrome cutting accessory is dish-washer machine safe; Cord storage area at bottom, and features a Automated shut-off. Read Review



Made in USA Can Opener: Review
Editor Rating
EZ DUZ IT Made in USA Can Opener ReviewDependable can openers don’t appear often, however the IZ DUZ IT Made in USA Can Opener is as reliable as they get. This particular can opener is indeed a classic featuring its familiar design, style, and performance. You could have a old style kitchen area and have everything in working condition. Whether the cans are big or small, they just don’t stand a chance with a consistently reliable product like this. Read Review


Oxo Good Grips Can Opener: Review
In case you’re searching for something a little bit more hands-on, check out the OXO Good Grips can opener. Although it’s operated by hand, it produces smooth cuts in addition to not being hard on the hands. One distinctive feature that it offers is that it doesn’t cut the surface of the can, but along the side of the can precisely below the edge. This method results in no sharp edges and allows marginal contact with the contents of the can, for a significantly more healthy approach. Read Review


P38/P51 Can Opener: Review
P38 Can Opener Review
Although not a traditional kitchen can opener, the P38 or its larger counterpart P51 are versatile tools with a few other uses for us to include in our best picks. Utilized by the military services, the P38 can opener is a basic yet still vital piece of equipment. Even though It is not widely used these days, it could still serve a purpose. Yet another can opener which is constructed similar to the P38 but is bigger in dimensions is the P51. This can opener was created to open up bigger cans and has also been supplied by the military. Read Review