Vacuum Sealer Reviews: Best Picks

Cook’s Illustrated magazine contains vacuum sealer reviews with very in-depth analysis, checking two hand-held and six kitchen counter food sealers meant for convenience, seal durability and indications of freezer burn after fourteen days, thirty days and sixty days. Yet another Source, the syndicated Canadian Television show “The Shopping Bags,” look at three food sealers which is also in a slightly older review. Even though the reviews are not so out-of-date, a few of the analyzed food sealers are no longer on the market.

To plug the holes in expert Vacuum Sealer Reviews, we depended on verified purchasers feedback at,,,, and In contrast to expert reviewers, purchasers can leave comments on a vacuum food sealer’s overall performance over time, stating whether sealing gaskets weaken or packing containers fracture, and whether highlights for example bag sensors are of help or maybe bothersome. These types of critical reviews tend to be considerably more up-to-date compared to those we discovered on  professional review sites.

Vacuum food sealers can assist to reduce waste simply by increasing the life span of spoilable food products such as veggies, produce, various meats, and dry food within the restrictions of advised safe food storage guidelines. They extract air in the packaging and they also protect against ice crystals from building in frozen foods. They make it possible for consumers to purchase food in large quantities, then divide and seal it, potentially lowering your grocery bill. We have picked out several vacuum sealers determined by overall performance, functionality, and convenience.

Our Best Vacuum Food Sealer Picks

Weston Pro Vacuum Sealer: Review
star rating 4
weston-vacuum-sealerGenerally speaking, experts suggest vacuum sealers with many different features are usually not worth the extra price. However, if you intend to hold food products properly sealed and frost-free across a couple of months the Weston Pro Vacuum Sealer merits the extra price tag. Though It is not a hands-free sealer, you will need to press on the lid throughout sealing and it’s also bulky and big at twenty six pounds… Read review


FoodSaver V3880 Vacuum Sealer: Review
star rating 4
foodsaver-v3880The v3000 series is FoodSavers latest line of vacuum sealers. While the v2000 series had some great models, each new version had slight improvements from one another, the v3000 series incorporates every feature and advancements their design engineers have been perfecting based on the companies expertise in over three decades as one of the top brands in the vacuum food sealer industry. We choose the best (in our honest opinion) sealer to date in their v3000 series… Read review


FreshSaver Handheld Vacuum Sealing System: Review
Untitled-1One of the best selling points of this product is its low cost. Since you can easily purchase a FreshSaver for under $40, it tends to make it a fairly eye-catching choice if you are deciding on a first vacuum sealer for your cooking area. Although many people might think that a smaller sized product will result in a product which won’t deliver with regards to maintaining food fresh, many consumers have discovered that this device fulfilled the majority of the needs they were searching for in a vacuum sealer… Read review


Seal-A-Meal FSSMSL0160-000 Vacuum Sealer: Review
seal-a-meal-mainIf you’re out browsing through vacuum food sealer reviews, then you’ll definitely discover that among the greatly popular vacuum sealers are the Seal-a-Meal food savers at an affordable price. As one of the subsidiary companies of the large Jarden Corporation, Seal-a-Meal provides a few of the market’s best food sealers… Read review